Surprise! A Face from the past

benedict cumberbitch is the sexiest man alive right now, he has no equal. and martin freeman is the absolute cutest.

I will endeavor to utilize all my time in 2014 onward to fill my life with these two babies


those nerds in high school who ran like this


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  • me: oh no, how am I gonna read this 20 page article for my studies all in one day??! that's physically impossible I'm gonna fail my exam!!!
  • me: oh look a 60k fic yes if I start reading it now and only stop to pee and eat I should be done by tonight meaning I can start the 50k one I saw earlier and go on until umm... I guess 4 in the morning
  • me: that sounds like a sensible plan


when an entire character has to be tagged as a spoiler


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